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Est Company is a 100% privately owned business, producing clothing and specialized in underwear and swimwear. Having remarkable qualitative results, the company is working in an “outsourcing” system for internationally known brands. It also produces its own collections under the David Corral trademark, that includes cotton underwear, exclusive lingerie for women and swimwear.
DAVID CORRAL BASIC is a !!continuative, simple and clear line that includes cotton elastane underwear items, completed by outwear elements. The BASIC line addresses men and women with a dynamic lifestyle and implies a mix of design and comfort in clothing items that can be adapted to any moment of the day.The black and white option is significant, including the DAVID CORRAL BASIC products in a specific circuit, beyond the fluctuations of fashion and the seasonal trends.
The DAVID CORRAL Exclusive lingerie line also starts off from the concept of “basic”, but is developed into a superior class product. It is a feminine, fine and elegant lingerie line, available in three basic chromatic options: white, black and beige. Through the quality of design, the structure of the product and the special properties of the basic material, David Corral Exclusive puts a great emphasis on aesthetics, suitability and comfort. The Exclusive line addresses a target category of customers aged between 20 and 40
and is dedicated to women who believe that intimate lingerie goes beyond the barriers of immediate utility and has a defining role as basis for any clothing.
DAVID CORRAL Beachwear offers each season a new collection of fashion swimwear items. From design to the development of details, from the original associations of materials and accessories to the finished product, the David Corral collection is remarkable by the diversity of the fashion propositions. Our swimwear items are always qualitative and “fashionable” and have a special design with a great emphasis on creativity, innovation and style